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Steve Jobs Pokemon Card


Purpose: After a couple weeks of learning how to do this stuff, I finally figured out how to hyper link, I decided to do the ds106 pokemon card assignment. Brian Funk was the first one in our class to create a pioneer pokemon card, and I really thought it was awesome! I decided to make one for Steve Jobs because he has really inspired millions of people world wide. After his death I couldnt believe the amount of people who were mourning his death. He was the CEO of Apple and I believe he should be known as an innovater because he pushed his and the people in his companys’ ideas to become a reality. He was born on February 24th, 1955. Just think about how life must have been in his early life, they didnt have all the great stuff we have today such as; the iphone, internet, pc’s, mac’s and etc… the list can go on and on… Heck they didnt even use microwaves at that time.

Quick Bio: Steve Jobs was actually released from Apple in the 80’s and returned to Apple in the 90’s where he took over as an interim CEO. He also purchased an animation company pixar, which was involved in the first computer animated film Toy Story.  Although his passion was making advanced computers, Steve gathered a team of engineers to develope the ipod, because portable music was something he knew would be a break through. I can go on and on about what Steve Jobs has done in his lifetime but I will stop there. I have linked his name to the website that I used to find out some things about him. I consider him an innovator, and he is very important to modern technology, and modern media.

How I did it: I actually had one before this that I was working on which I put a couple hours time in the photo area. Somehow I lost that file which I was sure I saved… Anyways, I found a pokemon card creator web site which was very very very simple. I filled in what I wanted in the text, and then simply copy and pasted to photoshop. Then I found Steve Jobs photo by indigo_girl through the CreativeCommons website, and I clicked the explore tab which has a label of (find CC licensed work) then I clicked fotopedia and I searched for a Steve Jobs photo there. I then copied that photo and pasted it into my pokemon card file. If I have done this wrong or illegally, please let me know and I will remove as soon as possible. I hope that I followed the correct way to use somebody else’s photo. Special thanks to indigo_girl, I chose this particular photo because it has his birth year and death year, I figured I should pay him some kind of respect since I turned him into a pokemon card.

About:  I did not in anyway intend to offend anyone. I chose the name “innovation strike” because I view him as an innovator and what better way to show off his attribute than make a move where he creates and attack using the opponents weakness. Second, I chose “after death damage” because in real life, Steve Jobs is still very relevant even after his death. People are still working on projects that he put together.

Links: indigo_girl



Steve Jobs Pokemon card in the works!

Just started a steve jobs pokemon card. cant wait to get home and have my photo shop tutor show me the ropes!!!

Alan Kay He Did More Than Share a Slice



Purpose: Alan Kay is one of our pioneers we must cover, and he helped create multi-tasking for computers as far as opening more than one window on a screen. There is so much more that he has done to contribute to cyberspace, but this my theme for this particular project. I found a funny photo on google, and I decided to find a project for him. Originally I wanted to use this photo and add text like you see. He has his hand raised as if being called upon, and I thought perfect way to make myself laugh. which I did.. but the ds106 assignment requires a pioneer that we have chose to have some kind of food in his hand so i found a pizza to use for the simple fact that he is sharing with us more than just a slice of pizza. INNOVATION. Notice the icons below the picture, well those were to show kind of a multiple window function….

How: I used photoshop and it seemed like it took forever for something that should be so simple…

I hope this finds you well, and can make someone laugh at least a little bit.

Credit for the original photo goes to-

photopedia republishes photos

Links: here are the links to the photo’s I used.

Assignment link:

TACO RICE (Cooking Show)

Purpose: I like taco rice, plus its an assignment on DS106 (cooking show) so why not? Yes there will be more assignments coming soon that actually have something to do with the 7 pioneers of this section, but isnt this pioneering right here? I think im doing PIONEER TYPE OF STUFF, taking chances…

How: Watch the video and see. I just used the video recorder on my iphone (Mobile Memex) Uploaded it to my mac through Imovie.

Ingredients: Minced meet, green peppers, onions, chili powder mix, taco powder mix, lemon juice, cabbage, and avocado. Also after plated I used sour cream, cheese, taco sauce, and jalepenos.


Assignment link:

Chopsticks (product review)

This is a video my team and I made for a FMA class (Media Arts I) offered at TUJ, and I thought it fit perfect for a DS106 assignment. The assignment I tagged it to is titled “Product Review” Although it doesnt fully meet the assignments requirements it still gives a comedy style feel for chopsticks, and infomercials. It displays testimonials and it was fun being apart of this shoot. The professor for Media Arts I was really laid back as far as letting us students control our own project. I think it was really interesting working with a big group because we all had awesome ideas. Although we all had some differences we were able to use our skills and ideas to really be creative and have fun doing it.

To start off my team and I got together and discussed what kind of product we wanted to do, originally I thought “chopsticks?? No way!!” But once you get a bunch of people together for a project, thats when the creativity comes out and magic can happen. This video has many mistakes as far as quality and white balance, but we were all beginners in that course so not bad for some newbies. We wrote our storyboard, and watched other infomercials to kind of get a better idea of how we wanted to display our great product. We discussed things like, what makes our product better, or how can we really make this funny at the same time. The editing was very tedious, we had to get every second right when we added the pasmo and suica cards and also the extra, stuff people would get if they would buy our product. Very fun project!

Assignment Link:

How can i upload an MP4 video file??

help me! i want to upload an infomercial me and classmates did so i can use it as a DS106 assignment! its pretty cool and funny!

The fall of Rome, all for a phone

I was thinking of making a poster for one of the DS106 assignments titled “The fall of Rome, all for a phone” 1 because it rhymes, and 2 because as I was reading the first article Scott told us to read, I recall something about if the ancient egyptians tried to build a car or something that it would have took all of their resources to do so, and then it would also probably break right away anyways. Any idea’s on how i could develope this into something better??