I got what I want in my sights!

I found the assignment on DS106 under the design assignments, (iconic you) honestly I was looking for something that I could do that would be simple for my first one. I know im not an A+ student, but I always have my eyes on the prize. Also since Scott called me Mr A Plus on the first day I thought what the heck, I’ll run with it and hopefully it will motivate me to score an A. I’m not afraid of failing, to me giving up is harder than trying. Anyways, I drew a self portrait of myself last semester in a basic drawing class and originally I was going to use it as my gravatar without editing. But I came across the DS106 assignment and decided to color in my glasses with a brighter color and then put A in one lense and + in the other. I used my Iphone to take the picture of my drawing and then I emailed it to myself, then I uploaded it to photoshop on my girlfriend’s computer and it was fun. I have zero experience with any of this so I was quite excited. Well here is my piece ENJOY!

Link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/iconic-you/