This is a video my team and I made for a FMA class (Media Arts I) offered at TUJ, and I thought it fit perfect for a DS106 assignment. The assignment I tagged it to is titled “Product Review” Although it doesnt fully meet the assignments requirements it still gives a comedy style feel for chopsticks, and infomercials. It displays testimonials and it was fun being apart of this shoot. The professor for Media Arts I was really laid back as far as letting us students control our own project. I think it was really interesting working with a big group because we all had awesome ideas. Although we all had some differences we were able to use our skills and ideas to really be creative and have fun doing it.

To start off my team and I got together and discussed what kind of product we wanted to do, originally I thought “chopsticks?? No way!!” But once you get a bunch of people together for a project, thats when the creativity comes out and magic can happen. This video has many mistakes as far as quality and white balance, but we were all beginners in that course so not bad for some newbies. We wrote our storyboard, and watched other infomercials to kind of get a better idea of how we wanted to display our great product. We discussed things like, what makes our product better, or how can we really make this funny at the same time. The editing was very tedious, we had to get every second right when we added the pasmo and suica cards and also the extra, stuff people would get if they would buy our product. Very fun project!

Assignment Link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/product-review/