Purpose: Alan Kay is one of our pioneers we must cover, and he helped create multi-tasking for computers as far as opening more than one window on a screen. There is so much more that he has done to contribute to cyberspace, but this my theme for this particular project. I found a funny photo on google, and I decided to find a project for him. Originally I wanted to use this photo and add text like you see. He has his hand raised as if being called upon, and I thought perfect way to make myself laugh. which I did.. but the ds106 assignment requires a pioneer that we have chose to have some kind of food in his hand so i found a pizza to use for the simple fact that he is sharing with us more than just a slice of pizza. INNOVATION. Notice the icons below the picture, well those were to show kind of a multiple window function….

How: I used photoshop and it seemed like it took forever for something that should be so simple…

I hope this finds you well, and can make someone laugh at least a little bit.

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photopedia republishes photos

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