Decided to make a blog tonight after a long day, school then work, and now school work after work. I did in fact read the O’Reilly article Scott quizzed us on this morning. It was a good read for me because I never even thought about Web 2.0 or what it really means or the characteristic requirements a website or web based application needs to fall into the 2.0 category.

Well, I was actually just now on Amazon Japan looking to buy a cheap dry erase white board so that i can practice my Kanji on my own without wasting paper. (No I’m not a tree hugger. No offense to anyone who loves mother earth) I just found it easier to write and rewrite kanji using the white board. I have one at home but it wasn’t intended to fulfill that purpose, and it remains on my refrigerator as a note keeper. Anyways, as I was about to search for the white board, I noticed some of the things that the O’Reilly article mentioned about Amazon. I noticed that it had pre-selected items already viewable for me to purchase based off my previous purchases which have been mostly books for some of my classes. Amazon was really organized and I thought that it was awesome, because had I not read the O’Reilly article I never would have even thought about how awesome that feature is. So for those of you who have not read the article I hope you do, and I think you will learn somethings that you might not have known about. Maybe you knew about it but you probably did not pay it no mind. Go ahead and read it! fun stuff