Our group assignment: Do you know who’s watching you? is very interesting because we all have sections of the infographic that we are to analyze. My section is the Google street view section. There are so many ways to navigate around the world; you can use MapQuest which even has a similar feature as Google’s Street view, or you can use a navigator where you can upload new maps using an online system. The point is there are many ways to find your way around in almost every corner of the planet.

Google street view has really set the bar high with its revolutionary first person navigating system. They basically took photo’s using high tech equipment to capturing of ground level view points. The Infographic takes a negative stand towards this new way of navigating the world by stating “Google street view, which grows daily, is being seen as a ‘service for burglars’ according to new research” People are starting to feel a sort of privacy violation, many photos have been removed or updated because of certain photos that show acts of sex, or drug deals, or things that people just dont want to see.

I would like for you, the reader to look at this infographic and tell me what you think of this street view addition to google’s already global search engine.

1. what are some of the risks of allowing google to have this on the internet, or have this at all? – What gives google to have access to this kind of stuff in the first place? Why is there a real need for street view when we can simply use our navigator or mapquest? I did use it to see my childhood home, that was about the only thing i used it for. But that is just me, what about crazy people who want to plan bad things? Isnt this a blue print for them to aid in planning?

2. Does this violate a person’s rights?-I think so, I cant lie and say I have never checked it out for myself, I really thought it was a neat thing. But looking at the bigger picture I can see it as a danger. It can be used to aid in war, acts of terrorism, drug deals, basically any crime. Plans can be made, i know it may seem far fetched, but how about planning a robbery or burglary?

Please give me feed back lets keep this thing going!!!