Scott’s video is a must see, this helps those of us who are computer illiterate do the right thing. I will go ahead and change some of my old assignments when I have the time to the correct format Scott wants us to do. I.E citing CC licensed photo’s properly.

What I have also learned is how to get my Daily Create photos on my page instead of a link to flickr where the photo is posted. Im glad I took the time to watch this video. At first I was thinking this is 7 minutes of my life I wont get back… what a BUMMER, but I actually learned something here and I hope YOU guys do to. Except that NERD kid (the one that couldnt take a few seconds to help me)  I still want to punch you in the FACE. lol seriously though, WATCH THE VIDEO!

Also, @Scott, for some reason my soundcloud uploads for my Daily Creates are coming up as hyperlinks. I did what you showed me, and on my Daily Create page one it worked, but the rest of them come out differently.