Here is an article I found which briefly explains how major poker websites like Full Tilt were shutdown by the U.S Department of Justice. Full Tilt believes that online gambling is not illegal and should remain available for the U.S public to freely use. The DOJ does not seem to think so.

When I was just old enough to gamble I actually won a large amount of money playing online poker, not on Full Tilt, but on Party poker , Party Poker at the time was not about to deal with the U.S government and shortly banned U.S players from playing real money games, needless to say they did pay me my money, and closed my account. Thats when I started playing Full Tilt, I cant say Full Tilt had ever paid me anything, I always lost, in amazingly strange situations… I look back on it and wish I would have remained off of Full Tilt, my poker skills are very good, and after looking at all my hand history’s and percentages I found that it couldnt have been “luck” that I lost on certain occassions, I felt cheated. Im a poker player and it is my hobby, as an American I feel it is my right to play the game anytime. But laws are laws huh? I’m looking for other ways to play the game, some day I plan to play in the World Series of Poker.

Please give me some feed back, would like to know if there is anyone who finds this online gambling situation some what interesting.