The Story:

I chose to do the May I Take Your Order Ds106 assignment because I thought it would be fun trying to speak in a different accent. At first, I tried to sound like a chinese immigrant in America but that seemed like it was fake so I trashed it, then I tried to sound like I was french and that was even worse. After the first two different attempts I felt like giving up, thinking it was just silly. But giving up is harder than trying and I thought why not use a british or Australian accent? So I tried that… NOPE!!! sounded fake! Finally I said screw it and I went for the southern american accent and I think it was the closest I could do to immitate an accent.

The Process:

I used the mac lab on the 5th floor of TUJ where there is a sound proof room, I recorded my voice with out a script the first few times but I found that writing a script and practicing the script would make it sound better after a few attempts. I uploaded it on sound cloud and TADA, my southern accent was born!