I have been waiting for awhile to find the right photo to use in this Visual assignment on Ds106 , and I happened to be riding the JR line in Tokyo on my way to CIS, and the train was very crowded, and it really smelled extra bad on this day. Well, the source of this awful smell is right there in this picture. I wasnt even standing directly infront of him before the picture and I could smell his breathe. I ended up getting forced into the spot infront of him because of the train being so crowded. I figured since I had to witness his awful hygiene I was going to get this photo! The train had just stopped at Ueno, and I wanted to take a movie and make fun of this awful smelling guy, but I found an iphone app which would allow me to take silent photos. So I quickly downloaded the app and captured the moment, he was snoring and smelled horrible and right as I captured the photo he opened his mouth to yawn and let me tell you… I almost died of some kind of poisoning…


I used photo shop and just created 3 layers. The first layer was installed to add a backround for the text. I think that the green fade blends well because when I think of stinky gas or something, green comes to my mind and I definately wanted to kind of have a stinky theme. My second layer I dedicated to installing the Text, which states “Brush yo teeth man!!!” (Yo=your) I wrote this particular text because it’s what I wanted to say to him. Finally, my third layer, I decided to add green air brushed streaks as if his chemical/gas breathe was toxic, with little chemical/gas toxin entities also escaping his mouth.