“Sometimes, however, progress means looping back to earlier ideas whose vitality and importance were unrecognized or underexplored at the time, and bringing those ideas back into play in a new context”

This quote really reminds me of what a friend and I were talking about, about a year ago. We had discussed how much of the technology we see today was inspired by things we seen in movies/media such as cartoons, that were made in the 70’s and 80’s or even 90’s. For example the G.I Joe series had jets that could hover and then a few years later there were Jets that could hover (Harrier) Also in star wars there were droids(robots) and now we see people wanting to creat these robots and even doing AI (artificial Inteligence) I think that alot of the ideas from the past become taste makers for what we develope in the future. Earlier in the semester I wanted to do a blog or make a poster called “The fall of Rome, all for a phone” Which went into the first article scott had us read. That article talked a bit about how if ancient egypt were to try and make an automobile it would have cost them all of their resources. They just didnt have the proper know how or technology to do it. They could have done it, but then the auto mobile would have probably broke down and been made for nothing. That is why technology is important. Right now there are so many ideas that were thought of in the past but were not created back then due to lack of tech or lack of proper resources and/or know how. But with the advancement of technology and better ways of allocating resources much of the ideas from the past are brought to life. Touch screens are amazing, Im sure that was in star wars or star trek. Soon there will be the touch using projection from lights, just move things in the air like the movie “gamer”. I dont know if thats already being researched, but I’m sure we will see it soon.