OKAY!! I am totally lost on this wordpress thing! But i have a feeling that its totally fine! I think after a few more classes and a bit more playing around with this that things will work out fine. So to start, my name is Nick and I’m really interested in this “cyberspace” I feel like it’s a new way of life for everyone, well not exactly new, but it is a way of life. People can do so much just by the click of a button on a mouse and to me that in itself is super amazing. I dont really have much experience with computers other than loading up my Ipod with good music, or using microsoft office… I really hope this class leads me in the right direction and I can develop some potential skills, or even find out that I want to make a career out of this kind of phenomenon. Yes I called it a phenomenon! That’s because all the technology we have today is amazing and it just keeps getting better and who wouldnt want to learn about it?? I look forward to posting more each day and hopefully i can create some interesting stuff for you guys to look at.