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Course Syllabus: CIS-0835- Cyberspace & Society

Temple University Japan Campus- Summer 2012

Day: Tuesdays, Thursdays

Time: 1300-1430

Room: AZ 506

Prerequisites: None 

Contact info- Nick Rivers-



Office Hours- Monday-Friday from 1200-1300

Course Schedule: 

Section 1: Technology Genesis(5/21 – 6/04)- Here we will read about the history of computers and how quickly they have advanced. We will also read into what the effects of the advancement on computer technology has done on a global scale. DS106 assignments 3x

Section 2: Bye Bye Dial-up(6/05 – 6/18)-In this section we will read about how the net got rid of dial-up and transitioned to cable connection. Further, we will find out the causes and effects of CABLE CONNECTION. DS106 assignments 3x

Section 3: The Net as we know it(6/19 – 7/02) – Malware, cyberbullying, I.D theft, surveillance, shopping online, and online gambling are some of the themes we will be covering. DS106 assignments 3x

Section 4: The Future is Here(7/03-7/13) – To end the course we will look at what the future has in store for cyberspace and how it will continue to play a large role in our daily lives. DS106 assignments 3x

Course Structure:

This course will consist of lectures and discussions based on readings and videos given in class. There will also be practical assignments which can be found at Each section will require 3 assignments from different sections of DS106. There will also be a daily create section, the date TBD. Students will be required to blog daily as part of the courses experience and there will be 1 student conference in the 4th week of this course.

Assignment point system:

Blogging for each section-10 points

DS106 for each section- 15 points

Daily Creates- 25 points

Midterm Exam-25 points

Final Exam-25 points

Grading Scale

A     183-200 points

A-   180-182 points

B+ 175-179 points

B   163-174 points

B- 160-162 points

C+ 155-159 points

C   143-154 points

C-  140-142 points

D  125-139 points

D-  120-124 points

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Special Needs- If you have special needs please let me know ASAP

What’s the Sched looking like?

Busy, we only have 8 weeks to do a lot of things. The schedule can be subject to change by me due to unforseen acts of god.

Thanks, have a fun semester learning stuff. If you fail this class you can always take it again next semester.