Take a photo that represents your current job or a job that you once had.

This was a photo of a “pack out” before we went on deployment. I was in the aviation field in the U.S Navy and every year we deployed the western pacific for roughly 7 months. It wasnt fun for the most part and i will never do it again. I’m so glad that that chapter of my life is over.


Kanye West- GONE TDC44 by mraplusTUJ

Kanye West is my favorite producer/artist in hip hop. I ran into a friend of mine who was reciting his lyrics from one of my favorite YE songs and i recorded the end of it. Fun stuff

TDC45- Kcin srevir by mraplusTUJ

This is my name spelled backwards. Kcin Srevir sounds pretty cool, maybe someone in the world has this name.


TDC47: Photo of favorite color