Jeremy had a presentation today about Fan Subtitle rights. He covered mostly about japanese anime and said that befor the digital age creators of the anime didnt mind because it was free advertisement, but once the internet came along and things were much easier to download and spread, people who created these anime’s were losing money. Jeremy asked me at the very end what I felt about “Fansubs” and I didnt have time to fully answer him.

Jeremy, I think that it is wrong if you fansub a flick and send it to someone else or make it available to someone else. But if you feel the need to translate it for your own personal use I dont see why that would be a problem especially if you are just editing the copy that you already purchased.

Also I think that all this pirating stuff can stop if they just make a technology that can block DvD’s and CD’s from being copied in the first place. Some kind of coding on the CD or DvD that prevents machine’s from Dubbing. If the coding is overidden or by-passed then the info on the DVD or CD should get erased automatically. Thats just what I think… I mean with all the technology in the world today and we cant prevent people from pirating?? But we can sure as hell make pirating possible? doesnt make any sense! Why these big companies dont use their money to prevent pirating is beyond me…

Thanks Jeremy for your impressive prez